DISC and Driving forces

DISC and Driving forces

DISC and Driving forces:

  • Team development
  • Coaching with a personal development question about managing and/or connecting with people.

Team development

You have noticed that your team is not functioning optimally. That there is lots of talk about each other instead of with each other.  That individual working occurs when the same people always take the lead and say what’s in their hearts and others are mainly passive and in consulations, hardly say a word. Or that lots of work is passed on and little thought is given to personal obligation.

Then I would love to get to work with your team.

How does it work?

  • Intake interview with the manager
    • Determine objective
  • DISC profile for all team members
  • DISC session to provide insight into your own and other preferred styles and to determine the strengths and shortcomings of the team
  • Evaluation meeting with the manager
    • Share conclusions

Coaching with a personal development question about managing and/or connecting with people

Do you sometimes have the feeling that nobody understands you? That everything you say comes across incorrectly, or that people don’t listen. That your employees say yes and do no. Or how about when you see the number in the display of that one client or colleague, your heart beats a little faster and your neck flushes?

It’s time to schedule a coaching session.

How does it work?

  • An intake interview over the phone.
    • Determine objective
  • Fill in an online questionnaire for DISC and Driving forces
  • Coaching conversation to discuss the outcome and connections/relationships of your objective and your DISC and Driving forces

What is DISC?

The DISC-model is widely used and easy to understand method that provides inside into the behaviour of people. It not only gives insight into your own behaviour, strengths and shortcomings, but also that of others. That is incredibly valuable, beacause then you can approach people how THEY want to be approached. You know how to put yourself in their shoes and that will take you much further together: mutual relationships and communication improves enormously. And that creates far less frustration and negative energy.  

What are Driving Forces?

Driving forces are about yourself.  They indicate how you think the world should be. Driving forces reveal how choices and decisions are made. Driving forces are established through a combination of your DNA (genetics), education and environment. They are often more steady than the response style of DISC and provide insight where actions originate.

Knowing this, you can better understand where your own standards and values stem from.

Your DISC style indicates how you approach the world, your Driving forces show how you prefer to see the world.

DISC and Driving forces are used to:

  • Create well-oiled teams
  • Optimise management effectiveness for managers and supervisors.
  • Get more out of sales
  • Optimise customer services
  • Support change processes
  • Provide advice when hiring, recuiting, placing, promoting and outsourcing employees
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Maximising the impact of coaching and training


What is a DISC or Driving force profile?

  • These are online questionnaires that take a maximum of 15 minutes to complete. The participant will receive instructions and the link in advance
  • A report is generated after completion. We will review and discuss this unique report during a session or coaching
  • At DISC, a team graph is made based on all the results. This immediately gives an accurate insight where the team stands. What the strengths are and where the shortcomings lay. By making this clear to each other and becoming aware of your own actions and the effect you have on others, you can take steps together to get the most out of the team.