Teterissa Training and Coaching ltd? Tell me more!

If you had told me twenty years ago that i would be helping people improve their daily working lives with my own private company on a national and international level, I would never have believed you.
I was uncertain about everything. Am I nice, good, or smart enough to do what I do? What do others think of me? Can I do this? I don’t have any qualifications, so do i give up?
And somewhere deep inside there was a voice saying: Stop whining and complaining. Don’t put it off and wait. Just give it a go and see what happens.

It was this endless struggle that actually ended up pushing me into a self taught way of trying everything and doing what i can which has put me to where i am today

  • A trainer and coach
  • A developer of programmes and workshops
  • A sparring partner for companies and fellow entrepreneurs
  • An employee and an employer
  • Owner of a limited private comany.
  • Mother of an amazing son.
  • A woman that gets energy from making people and products better.

What does Teterissa’s Training and Coaching do?

My company develops programmes for clients or partners to:

  • Work better together
  • Taking control and deciding where your own responsibilites start and end
  • Setting limits
  • Op een effectieve en professionele manier leiding te geven met oog voor mens en product.
  • Giving instructions in an effective and professional way with a caring eye for people and product.

How does Teterissa Training and Coaching work?

I work with freelancers, partners and clients. Collaboration is established as follows:
  1. The customer approaches Teterissa Training and Coaching directly.
    • During an open introduction meeting i discuss what we want to achieve with the input of training and coaching.
    • If all the parts have been agreed then I make my proposal with a fitting offer.
    • After an agreement, I get to work with developing the product.
    • And if necessary, I will call in freelance professionals to help reach the goal.
  2. Or a partner asks Teterissa Training and Coaching on behalf of their client.
    • A partner asks Amber for the development and/or the implementation of a programme for their client