Abor productions

From Abor Productions Amber Teterissa performed activites linked to her career as theatre maker and actrice.
The expertise from Abor is used to develop a tailor-made theatre and presentation workshop.
Abor Productions has put 2 products on the market for students and adults:
  1. Shakespeare is Hot!
  2. Student training, Junior Networking for Eductation Workplacement
Amber comes from Abor Productions having had assignments such as event hostess, actress and director

* Abor Productions is linked to CJP and accepts payments via the CJP culture card

Shakespeare is Hot!

Shakespeare is Hot!

This English workshop is about introducing and getting to work with Shakespeare’s texts. The workshop is in two parts. A short interative show where different scenes from various Shakespeare pieces will be performed. And after that a workshop where the students get to work with the language.

Junior Networking

Student training and Junior Networking for Education Workplacement

This is a course where VMBO -students learn interative communication skills to help them with workplacement and job interviews. And to make sure they leave a good impression with employers to get their networking off to a good start.